Samsung New Transparent Safety Trucks Can Now Make Driving Much Safer

Samsung new transparent Safety Trucks: The world is becoming smarter ad smarter. All of the people probably know about Google’s Driverless car. Google’s innovation self driving car. The Google company is the search engine giant.

The Company Google is been delivering the reports for the car accidents that are been occurring to its vehicles.
The accidents mostly occur under the control of humans. It seems human is been worst of enemies of each other on the road. Most of the people are been dying in the road accidents. A proper initiative should be made to avoid these accidents and responsibility is taken Samsung Company by introducing “Samsung Safety Truck”.

Most of the humans with their vehicle try to overtake the other vehicles on the road. Due to overtaking the major accidents occur. Now Samsungs made an innovation by which such can kind of accidents can be prevented.

The main thing here is the vehicle under human control is prone to accidents. Whereas computer- generated devices will result an in better outcome. The innovated thing Driver less car would better accurately and correctly compare the vehicle under the control of human beings.

The technology for the driver less car is its intelligence equipped by the programmer.Samsung company have no vehicles of their own. But the company in spite of driverless cars by Google have planned the or the truck with a driver and it is a safety first Vehicle.

The Samsung Company’s first innovation of Safety vehicle is be named as Samsung safety Truck. Samsung Company thought can now change the way we travel on the Road Samsung Company wanted to make a difference so they have incorporated their technology in to trucks.

The common features for the Samsung Safety Truck:

A built in wireless camera at the front of the vehicle,
Four Monitors are fixed to the Rare End of the truck,
Monitors with night Vision mode.
Thereby Samsung safety truck will save the life of the people travelling on the roads.

Driver inside the Samsung safety truck can see what is a head and drivers behind the truck can able see what is beside the truck or at the front of Samsung safety truck .There by Driver behind the truck can take a wise decision and can slowly move on the road.

As night vision is facilitated in the Samsung safety truck. The drivers behind the safety truck can able to see oncoming vehicles in the monitors that are been arranged at rear side of truck. Drivers travelling on the night behind the Samsung Safety Truck can able view the traffic in front of them.

The hurry and urgency of the people on the road which causes most of the road accidents and with the Samsung Safety vehicle avoids such incidents.

Unlike The trucks on the highway where the vehicles behind the truck cannot be able to see the oncoming vehicles, the vehicle beside the truck for these Samsung company made a solution for it by Samsung Safety Truck.The main aim of Samsung safety truck is to provide the safer driving to other vehicles on the roads and highways.

Samsung which is been leading in the mobile Manufacturer. Samsung is well known for its technology like latest Smart Phones, Tablets, Refrigerators, LCD TV’s, Washers. Now came with the Samsung Safety Truck.

Samsung Company said that they have tested the ngSafety vehicle with the client in Argentina. Samsung feels Argentina is an ideal place to test the vehicle. Samsung hoping to bring the safety truck Vehicles all over the world. Samsung company is waiting for the approval of its new innovation and after, the approval, thinking to bring it on the large scale.

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