Best Chrome Extensions for a richer browsing experience

Google Chrome.The fastest,best, most lucid web browser yet. You can have multiple tabs and each tab can have an individual Google account simultaneously logged-in. It also has an inbuilt adobe play plug-in. But that’s not all ! a quick peek at the extensions menu will reveal that there’s much more in store for the savvy browser. Here are a few of our observed, note worthy chrome extensions that make browsing even better.


The pocket is great for bookmarking web pages that you would like to read or revisit later.


This one’s my favorite. Experience internet without those irritating ads that cover up half of the screen and obstruct the actual content. No more click baits, accidental ad clicks etc. There are many versions of this like ad-block, ad-block plus,ad-block for YouTube, ad-block pro to name a few. Rejoice!

Awesome Screenshot:Screen capture

This will allow you to screenshot all or part of the webpage. It even lets you blur or strike out the sensitive information like username, password. You can annotate, share, save , edit and of course capture anything you’d like. It is the highest rated extension with over 2 million users.


Does your attention shift easily from that work mail to a Facebook update to a video on cute puppies? Stay Focused on this extension. It does exactly that. You can block some websites, set a time limit or set the number of times you visit the site and so on. Maximize your productivity.

Go secure!

In the Online Shopping tips article, we realized how important a secure website is for our sensitive data. So. in order to make every HTTP into a HTTPS, use “HTTPS everywhere” and protect yourselves from frauds and phishing.


Do anything. That’s what it means. It is like the good old fashioned to do list that helps you remember anything that you have to do.


Ugh! This one’s a LIFE SAVER. If you fill out a lot of forms or use your keyboard a lot to fill in information, then this extension is for you! It comes with customization like enabling or disabling auto-fill for certain websites etc.,

Turn off the Lights

The entire page will fade leaving only you and your cinema. This is great if you want a movie theater like experience minus the noise and ads. Go on and grab some popcorn!

Google mail checker

It is Gmail on your screen 24/7. You can see the number of unread as a bubble. On clicking it, your inbox will be opened.

Wandertab by Hitlist

Satisfy your wander lust. Whenever you open a new tab this extension shows one random beautiful destination along with the average price it takes to tour around. This is great for those who have the spontaneity to pack their bags and just go!

Hola Unblocker

If for some reason, you are unable to access a particular webpage or website or even a video only in a particular region or country, then this extension will take care of that for you. It unblocks the content allowing you to surf across the internet without restrictions. Freedom!


If you are one to do a lot of video tutorials, share the screen in a project or even give a lot of presentations, this one’s for you. Screencastify lets you record your screen as you go about navigating, typing etc., This is great because screenshots aren’t as effective as seeing the steps unfold as you play the recorded video.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check out Google Chrome Extensions for lots and lots more of the chrome extensions. Feel free to comment, start a discussion thread or ask queries below!

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