Vine App For Android,IOS To Share Videos and lots All New Things

Vine App for Android: Vine App is the Popular and most downloadable App. The Vine App facilities you to create a video, Watch a video, Share a video from any time and at any place.

Pros of Vine App

  • Vine App gives a great and unique medium to express themselves and it will be lots of creativity.
  • Vine App has the major advantage of the creation of Video and Sharing the created video on Social media.
  • Vine app another advantage is that it introduces the people to a Great Community of creative people(Creators).
  • Vine App is very simple in design.
  • The Vine App is been powerful video editing tools.
  • Vine App is a private App.

Cons of Vine App

  • Vine App is not been so private for Non –users of Vine App.
  • Vine App has limited Search Function.
  • The Vine app has Six-second Format.

The drawback of Six Second Video looping in Vine App made the App to move from IOS platform to Android Platform. Vine App is been critical video tools that makes a premier video. Critical tools allow you to create videos and sharing videos. There are tools in these apps for sharing the video(Sharing Tool).

Vine App entered late into the Store but attained a lot of popularity. Vine app is been released on IOS before it is been released on Android. Under the involvement of Twitter, the video Sharing Vine app is been released on to the Android Platform. The Vine app allows uniting all iPhone owing friends. Vine App has attained a lot of popularity, It has been attracted tons of users and hosting the great video content.

To use Vine app You have should contain an android device or IOS Device. If you have an Android device and if you are willing to connect with the Vine friends Community then simply install Vine App in your device.

Downloading of Vine App is very simple and Easy. To download the Vine App just click on the below Link. Vine App is available for Android and IOS Devices.

Vine App for Android OS held Devices: DOWNLOAD

Vine App for IOS held Devices: The amount of storage space required to be downloaded in to your device is 33.6 MB.

How to use the Vine App from an Android device?

First of all click on these Vine App link Click Here After clicking the link .You will be redirected to Google Play Store.
Then hit on the install button. After installing Vine App on your Device

Then on the Apps page, there will be two options


First option is open and Second Option is Uninstall.
Click on the open button.


Then there will be you login in to Vine Account for these two options are been made available:
Sign in with your Twitter Account(If you have a twitter account) Or else
If you don’t your Twitter Account you then Can click on Sign up with Email.


After you been logged in to your Vine Account.
Click on the Video icon present on the top right of your screen to record your first Vine Video
After you have clicked the icon the Video will be start’s recording.


Frame any subject for Video on the display and hit the screen when you are ready to record and release the screen when want to Pause.
Click on Finish button when the progress bar is full. The Progress bar appears on the bottom of the screen.


If you want to post then click on next button. If you want to retake X mark in the top of the screen.


You can add a caption to the video that has been created. You can choose to post the video to vine, twitter or Both.

If you are finished with the video an click on the check mark on top right of the screen.

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