Secure you Facebook account by changing settings

There are hackers everywhere. Especially on Facebook,hackers are a nightmare . Once someone hacks your Facebook account,they have access to your personal information,your friends and all your messages . They can do anything with it . Yes, that is the reason for calling it a nightmare .Your social media profile could at danger .

A hacker could change your password, add new friends into your friend list,update random statuses and even send abusive texts to anyone in this world from your account . They can send abusive messages to your loved ones too. It won’t take a second to ruin your name . All you have to do is to follow these instructions . (Assuming that you are using a Laptop or a PC)

  • Try to change your password
  • Go to the Setting option->General->password.Enter the current password and also enter a new password .Make sure that you have a strong password.
  • When you enter the current password and click on save it,suppose it shows an error,then it means that your hacker has changed the password.
  • If your hacker has changed your password,you need to report it immediately .
  • Go the Report Compromised Account page on Facebook.
  • Click on the MY ACCOUNT IS COMPROMISED button.
  • In case Facebook accepts the current password,it means that your hacker has not bothered to change your password . You can let out a sigh of relief and update a new password . The new password should not be the same as your old ones.

Once you get the Facebook account pages, make sure you take necessary steps to avoid such situations in the future.

Go to the Settings page->Security tab (on the left)->Login Approvals->Select the “Require a security code to access by account from other browsers”->enter your mobile number ->enable Login Alerts.

When you setup Login alerts ,Facebook will mail whenever someone logs into your account using another browser,app or mobile that you have not used before.

Now, whenever a hacker tries you login into your account,you will receive an alert mail .

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