Gmail Tips Make The Most Out of Your Mail

Gmail Tips : Almost everything on the internet requires a Google Account. Be it for a  social networking site, a blog or even a simple e-commerce registration. Gmail or email by Google is ubiquitous and for good reason too. Its easy to navigate and versatile features make it a hot favorite. The most efficient ways to optimize your mail are often tucked away in obscure little hard to reach areas.So login into your Gmail and try these out for yourself.

1. Label them

Gmail provides the flexibility to label your mails such as Work,Personal,Garden party etc., Make good use of these to cluster all related mails under a label. It makes searching for and retrieving mails faster and way easier. Some mails may fall under more than one Label and that’s okay ! simply  check the mails you wish to label and add multiple labels by clicking the labels drop-down menu->Create new->Type label name->OK

2. Vacation mode

I must admit I was often worried about how I’m going to tell each sender that I’m away on a vacation andcannot respond immediately. But fret not! Google thinks of everything ! Turn on the Vacation Responder to send a default reply to people who email you between the set dates. To do this, go to Settings->Vacation Responder->On->Type default message->Save changes.

3.Larger attachment? No worries

By default the maximum attachment size is 25MB. But by using Google Drive, you can send files upto 15GB. To do this go to Google drive Icon in the Compose window and then select a file you want to send and press Insert. This works only if you already have the required file in the Google Drive.

4.Use signature

Here’s a tip that’ll add a personal touch to your email. Add your own signature to be written at the bottom of every email you send. Go to Settings-> Signature-> Enter the text-> Save changes.

5.Use shortcuts

Work your way through Gmail easily without much shift from keyboard to mouse and then back to keyboard again. Just press Shift+? to get a pop-up list of shortcuts. Better yet, customize your shortcuts by going to the Settings->keyboard shortcuts tab->personalize it the way you like with your own set of keys.

6.Block out the noise

Unwanted spam messages and promotionals filling your inbox? One quick solution is to click on the downward arrow beside the mail and “Block User”. Another traditional way is to mark as Spam but they will still be received into the spam folder. So blocking lets you retain your peace of mind.

7.UNDO !

This one’s my Absolute favorite tip! After all who doesn’t make mistakes? Sending an email to the wrong recipient and being able to do nothing about it is traumatizing. Google to the rescue again! Next time this happens, quickly click the undo button that appears for a blink on the center top of the page. Be aware though, this only works within the next few seconds of sending a mail.

8.Multiple Gmail accounts 

Using Google Chrome, you can access multiple accounts by switching between tabs. This is especially useful when you need to do a double check or use your personal and professional accounts at the same time. Each account will occupy a tab and will stay signed in.

9.Create Events right from your mail

Select the date,day name etc that is present in the mail and navigate to the more menu on the top and click on “Add to Tasks” and you’re done!

While this list of Gmail tips can go on forever, it is advisable to also check out the Google Help Forum for a super set. Feel free to start a Discussion Thread  below or ask queries !

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