Why should your business consider a hosted IP PBX service provider

The corporate world has been leveraging the functionality and robust communications power of PBX-type systems for many years. As is the case with all great things, business phone systems, and the technology that support them have evolved and advanced over time. A staggering number of businesses have integrated, or have begun to integrate, the services offered by hosted IP PBX providers into their current communications infrastructure.

Today’s business world depends heavily on the availability of information. This is one of the driving factors making the case for technologically-driven office management systems. Through the use of technology in the Cloud, businesses are able to effectively and efficiently manage everything from employee attendance tracking to ordering office supplies, to hosting large, multinational conferences remotely. The communications industry has advanced so far that it is estimated that there are more than four billion smartphones in active daily use.

Hang up the landline for good

Leveraging the services offered by leading hosted PBX providers means harnessing the technology that makes sending and receiving voice communications possible – only without having to worry about the traditional constraints of a standard PBX system. The most notable difference between standard telephony service (like the kind offered by the local telco company) and IP-based communications is that the latter uses the power of the Internet, and thus saves money and efficiency in the process.

Reduce costs and free up capital for other business requirements

Initializing a fully functioning, standard PBX system onsite often ties up capital in equipment and generates substantial invoices for high labour costs. In hosted PBX scenarios, the majority of the hardware is housed offsite at the location of the service provider. Meaning that system users benefit from cost savings early on.

Create a system that is unique to your needs

As is the case with most VoIP backed solutions, hosted PBX systems are easily customizable. Allowing businesses to create a system that is tailored to meet their unique demands. Service providers can easily (and quickly) add or delete features, users, controls and more.

Arm employees with the tools they need to perform their jobs from anywhere

Today’s workforce is both engaged and mobile and great employers understand how crucial it is to arm their employees with all of the tools they need to get their jobs done – particularly from outside of the office. Since hosted PBX systems allow for IP addressing, accessing the system through a number of mobile devices is painless and relatively instantaneous. This means that employees can remotely access the system in order to communicate with co-workers, customers, management and more. Many studies have indicated that productivity rates soar as employees become more mobile.

Benefit from a fail-safe solution should disaster strike

A long touted benefit of VoIP and managed communications services, hosted PBX systems offer the latest in disaster recovery protection. In the event of a disaster, should the physical office location ever be rendered inaccessible, callers can instantly be routed to other locations, to voicemail, to mobile devices, etc, allowing businesses the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their business communications can always continue.

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