Send Money From Whatsapp Without Any Requirement Of Bank Details

Send Money From Whatsapp: Now a days as the technology is being developing day by day thereby providing more new ways to sending the money. More Smarter the technology is been more easier the way to use it been provided. More easy ways to send the money by just being connected to the internet there is facility called as Online Banking that facilitates the transfer of money over the internet and there also apps that facilitates to sending of money like pay atm. The Debit card arrival had reduced the time waste as the person with the Debit card can withdraw money from anytime and anywhere as ATM centers is present in all over the world

Now the more newest method of sending Money is been introduced with help of WhatsApp. I Hope all of us been very familiar Social Media Giant Company WhatsApp which has been Hired by Face book Company.

The Main concern of us is to teach the people about how people can transfer money without any Bank details through the Social Media WhatsApp. You can now without knowing the bank details can directly send money to desired by using WhatsApp. The new feature is been added to WhatsApp so that it can facilities a unique way of sending money. Now the WhatsApp which is actually meant for chatting is now been facilitated with other feature of money transfer. Thereby now WhatsApp will be used for the new purpose.

You have been fascinated with the messages you send and the messages you receive. WhatsApp provided the facility the group chat and ordinary chat there by you will send and receive thousands of messages, images, and videos every day. Now things are been changed you are now going to do a bigger thing that has been ever made on Social Media. The biggest thing you will now do is the Sending the money to your needy friends through WhatsApp.

A new app has been launched by the Axis bank. The new app launched by Axis bank is named to be as Ping Pay. The App “Ping pay” is cash payment app which links with social media. By using the Ping Pay APP you can send money using any type of social media.

By using the Ping Pay APP you can both send money to a friend and request money from a friend. You can also ask or send the Recharge for mobile across all the Top Social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS or Email.

By these applications, you can easily all your home bills and other bills, pay for pizza simply with a ping. With these apps you can pay the money to people through facebook, Twitter, SMS or phone and you can send a detailed message to them every time you pay.

A lot of options is been facilitated for sending the money

1. You can pay money to your contacts through Facebook.
2. You can pay money to your contacts through Twitter.
3. You can pay money to your contacts through Email or Phone.

How To use the Ping Pay APP? How send to money with the help of it?

First, you need to download the Ping Pay application from the store(For Android devices the app will be available at Play store, For IOS devices the app will be available at APP store)
Select the recipient or desire friend from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or ay and then link your axis bank account to it.

The Bank credentials are Required to link the account with the Ping Pay APP
Then you need to set a four digit pin code and you need to send money.
Then you need to share these ping code with your desired friend using any of the Social media.

How to receive money by using Ping Pay APP

The desired friend who has to want to receive the money can download and register on the Ping Pay just simply clicking the link shared by the friend through social media platform.

The friend who is been sent the money is with the existed Ping Pay account.
On entering the ping code along with the required bank credentials. The desired friend can directly get money credited into his/her bank account.

Ping pay app is been the secure and easiest way to send money through WhatsApp.
Ping pay is most secure as it authenticates the bank account during the initial transfer of money.
The multiple or duplicated login attempts will not be tolerated by Ping Pay.

You can download the ping Pay App from the below links 

For Android devices:Download
For IOS devices:Download

So enjoying sending money over the social media with more securely. There are by Ping pay app saves our valuable time and however, we can easily manage it. It allows us to pay all the bills and the needy money to others.

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