Digi Locker The Storage Of Our Files Securely Over The Internet

DIGI Locker: Digi Locker will facilitate the storage of our files securely over the internet media. For acquiring the personal storage space the user needs to have an Adhaar Card. Thereby Adhaar Card links with the registration of DIGI Locker.

  • Digi Locker provides the secure storage of E-Documents to all citizens of India.
  • Digi Locker is been brought in to light by Government of India.
  • Digi Locker also has seen providing the facility of Electronic sign system(E-Sign)
  • Digi Locker provides E-sign facility on all the E-Documents.
  • Digi Locker is a Government-owned platform.
  • The latest system has recently launched government of India.
  • Digi Locker is been popular E-Locker.
  • The Digital Locker has been a great success from the government of India. It had a great response.


Digi Locker is specially developed for storing our important documents securely on the internet.

Digi Locker Features:

  1. 10 MB of free space in the digital locker to residents to access their documents through Uniform Resource
  2. Identifier (URI) and also securely store e-documents.
  3. Ā e-sign online facility to digitally sign the documents
  4. Ā Residents are invited to use the Beta version of the Digital Locker System, also provide suggestions and feedback on the same.
  5. Provides Personal Storage Space Ā For Storing the required files safely
  6. Share the documents,
  7. Upload the documents,
  8. View Documents You can view all the documents belonging to all Departments

How to Register For Digi Locker?

  1. For Registration of Digi Locker, the citizen of India should have a valid Adhaar Card number.
  2. Click On These Link to RegisterĀ Click Here
  3. After you have clicked on the link.
  4. Enter the Adhaar Card Number and click on either one time password(OTP) or User FingerPrint.
  5. After Clicking on the OTP Password. Then the UIDAI will be sent to your registered mobile.
  6. Enter the OTP and click on the validate OTP Button.
  7. Once the OTP is been verified then the user is been asked to enter the username and
  8. password(Username/Password) so as to complete the registration process.
  9. If you click on theĀ ā€œ User Fingerprintā€Ā then you need to provide a thumb impression from the device. Once the Finger Print is validated then the user will be authenticated.

How Digi Locker Helps?

It will minimize the storage and losing of Physical documents. Digi Locker will provide Authentication. Digi Locker provides safe and secure access to all the documents issued by the Government of India. It reduces the overhead on administration Govt. Departments.Ā It provides easy services.Ā Official Website for DIGI Locker:Ā Download

Main objectives of The Digital Locker system

1) Enable digital empowerment of residents by providing them with Digital Locker on the cloud based system.
2) Enable of e-Signing of documents and make them available electronically and online
3) Reduction of Physical documents
4) Ensure authenticity of the e-documents and thereby eliminate usage of fake documents
5) Secure access to the Government issued documents through a web portal and mobile application for residents
6) Minimize of administrative overhead of Govt. departments and agencies and make it easy for the residents to receive services.
7) Anytime, anywhere access to the documents.
8) Open and interoperable standards based architecture
9) Architecture to support a well-structured standard document format to support easy sharing of documents across departments and agencies

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