BOX Application for Android Devices

BOX Application: It is a free app to be download from Google play store. Free accounts are been facilitated for using these app. A storage space of 10GB will be provided for free accounts and if you want to store more you have the availability of buying 100GB of storage space for only $10 Dollars. With the collaboration it costs $5dollars for 100Gb space per a user.

All of the people so strange about storing our files on the internet. Now it’s time for the new android app called BOX.
Box app is been most secure and allows the files to be stored easily on a server.

Main criteria for all of us is the synchronizing our files with the server and store our files safely at the server. Files stored bat the server can backed up when they are required by a user.The most accurate and clean storage service is been providing the Box Android App. Storing the data at somewhere and later been forget about the location other stored file all these problems can be overcome simply by downloading BOX app from Google play store.

There are been a lot of Android apps for file synchronizing and files storage. But the Box app has a unique place compared to all other apps.

Manage all your files and store all your information like photos, videos ,documents securely on the free Android app BOX.

Features of BOX APP:

More security is been provided by BOX app to our uploaded files. First of 10GB storage space will be provided for free of cost.

As 10Gb free space is been provided utilizing the storage space by backing up all your old documents and other files.
Upload all your files such as videos, photos and other documents to your BOX app and downloaded from the BOX App to your aspired device.

With the BOX app it is possible to view about documents of more than 100 file types all including PDF, Word, Excel ,Al and PSD.

A feature can be availed from BOX app is the High-quality PPT’s(Power Point Presentations).High-level Security is been provided along with file-level encryption.

Search in the BOX app will be more closure to real time.
You can search with in a PDF ,Power point ,Excel and word documents(.docx).
You can open your files at Box app from any number of devices.
Box app helps you to do the work easily.
Share large files easily with out inconsistency.
There about 25 million users are been downloaded the BOX app and all about 225,000 are been using the Box app.
Total of about more than one lakh people has been download the Box app from Google play store.

Pros of Box App:

  1. Excellent synching of files facility is been provided in these apps.
  2. It supports offline access for some kind of files.
  3. In these apps, the comments can be added and read.
  4. The app is been developed with the wonderful ecosystem. It provides a greater environment for storing important files.
  5. It is the unique app that is having all the excellent and attract-full features.

Pros of Box App:

No facility of auto upload for photos and videos. Auto-upload option is not been available. The design will be easily moved up.

What you can Do with Box App?

  1. You can access all your needed files at your fingertips.
  2. Access the content that is been stored by BOX App. You can access all the content through BOX App by using any Android and tablet device.
  3. You can share all the needed files to others.
  4. It is possible to be synchronized with friends ,colleagues and family.

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