Mystery behind Monalisa Painting Revealed

Monalisa Painting : The one and only fascinating painting that is seen by copious people all over the world, used in several writings and novels and the one that made thought-provoking is none other than ‘Monalisa Painting.’ Just by listening at the word Monalisa, bounteous queries and doubts build up in each and every individual.

Some of the doubts include the artist behind Monalisa painting, why the smile of Monalisa alters depending on our viewpoint, is there any kind of secret coded message behind that particular painting and the reason behind having a huge alien picture within the Monalisa painting.

Likewise, numerous queries arise in our mind upon looking at the Monalisa painting. The painting of Monalisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vince who belongs to 1400 BC. There is not even a single person who is capable enough in painting uniquely like Leonardo. He is a true genius and extremely intelligent. Some of them assumed Da Vinci as an Alien Hybrid and that is the reason for his extraordinary intelligence.

Few Interesting Facts Monalisa Painting

  • The painting of Monalisa has begun in the year 1503 and painted till 1506. In fact, this painting has been not yet finished due to the death of Da Vinci.
  • The actual name of Monalisa is ‘Monna Lisa’ which means My Lady in the Italian language.
  • This painting is one of the favorites of Napoleon and that is the reason, he hanged this painting in his bedroom.
  • The worth of Monalisa painting was valued at 700 crores in the year 1960 and currently, its value is 5300 crore.

Monalisa Mystery Revealed

Now, let’s get into the mystery behind the Monalisa painting!!Da Vinci has not revealed the person or inspiration behind the painting of Monalisa and not even left behind a single clue.In fact, that painting was the wife of Francesco Del Giocondo namely Lisa Gherardini. On the occasion of his second son’s birth and as a celebration of his new house inauguration, he asked Da Vinci to draw his wife’s painting.

By using Spectro Light technology, a scientist named has revealed some interesting facts behind the painting. There is a total of 3 layers within the Monalisa Painting. Lisa Gherardini is the actual Monalisa. This is one of the mysteries behind the secret of Monalisa painting.

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